Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Wo tut es weh?

You have made it to Germany and you have been studying the language for some time. It just happens that none of the people that you are with speak English so now it is all down to you. Then you get cramp and you act like a lunatic unless you can communicate to the people around you that you aren’t a lunatic. They may understand that something is wrong and you may hear the words ‘was fehlt Ihnen?’ or ‘wo tut es weh?’ if they have guessed that something is causing you pain.

‘Ich habe einen Krampf in meinem Fuß’ may be the words that you are really looking for. They give a full explanation to the people around you and you are no longer seen as a lunatic. Now don’t you wish that you had spent longer learning the parts of the body and how to talk about health? If you are anything like me you need to be told three times, so getting reading that list again or you may be seen as a lunatic.

Bis bald

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