Saturday, 28 March 2009

Die Familie

If you want to talk about your family then you will need to know some family vocabulary. You can guess a lot of the words. Der Vater is the father. Die Mutter is the mother. You can also work out the links between German and English by comparing the words. There is a link between v and f. You may be able to guess das Kind if you know that kindergarten is an English word taken directly from the German and means nursery.

Der Sohn is the son and die Tochter is daughter. Tochter is not difficult to learn if you know there is a link between t and d and at least daughter is feminine unlike das Mädchen which is German for the girl. Die Schwester is really easy as is der Bruder.

Der Onkel, yes you’ve guessed it is uncle and die Tante is also easy to guess as it is aunt. I don’t need to tell you der Cousin and it doesn’t take much imagination to work out die Cousine. Who said German was difficult.

Bis bald

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