Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Die Nummern

You may have seen that I also write a maths blog. I enjoy maths because I think it is easy. Maybe that sentence could also be written the other way round. I think maths is easy so I enjoy it. In one blog I wrote about the importance of neatness. With long numbers there should be commas or gaps separating three digits, e.g 234 562.35

There is a difference between English and German numbers as you may have guessed from this blog. In German a Komma is used instead of a decimal point. Once you get used to this it is fairly easy, but you also have to get used to full stops used to separate large numbers into three. So £2 000 becomes £2.000 and £2.50 becomes £2,50 It does take some getting used to and I deliberately left out a full stop at the end of the last sentence to avoid confusion. Once you can write the numbers numerically then you have to say them, but this is relatively easy because comma is Komma and the full stop is der Punkt. However if you want to say £2.000 you would just say zweitausend Pfunde.

Bis bald

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