Saturday, 21 March 2009

What is occurring and what do you think about it?

From the last blog, if you are asked 'was ist dieses Wochenende los?'or 'was kann man abends unternehmen?' then you need to know some replies. What would you like to do? You could answer 'ich hätte Lust ins Kino zu gehen', that is if you want to go the cinema. You may want to replace ins Kino with ins Theater or in eine Kneipe. Die Kneipe is a word to learn if like me du trinkst Bier gern.

Once you have been to the cinema you could have an opinion like der film hat mir gut gefallen. On the other hand you may wish to say der film hat mir nicht gut gefallen. The main thing is to say what you want to say and for that you need some vocabulary. Ausgezeichnet is excellent, and if you can say a word of four syllables then your German must be gut. Der film could be wunderschön oder phantastisch. On the other hand it could be langweilig oder enttäuschend. Perhaps boring and disappointing are not words you want to emphasise. If you don’t like something you can always describe it as interessant.

Bis bald

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