Sunday, 29 March 2009

Die Familie 2

OK it does get harder (see yesterday's blog). Some words are more difficult to guess when you are talking about your family. I’m afraid that you just have to learn these words but it is a lot easier if you put them in a sentence that means something to you and then you pass on that information to someone else. If they understand you then you really will remember these words. Words like die Schwiegermutter. I don’t think that you can guess that this means mother-in-law. The wonderful thing is that once you have learned Schwieger once then you will know der Schwiegervater, die Schwiegertochter, and die Schwiegereltern. I think that you need to get learning again with the words der Schwager and die Schwägerin because they mean brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Do notice the umlaut for the sister-in-law.

The word for brothers and sisters is die Geschwister. Der Junge is not a word that you can guess but it is common and means the boy. You will also need to learn das Enkelkind which means the grandchild, and der Enkel and die Enkelin mean grandson and granddaughter. I’ll finish with Opa and Oma, grandpa and grandma, and you should now have the words that you need for most relations. Some need learning but a lot are easy.

Bis bald

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