Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Comparative adjectives

If you want to say that something is good, then that is easy as you just say gut. You have to remember your adjectival endings if you want to say it was a good performance or a good achievement then you have to know the words die Leistung. It is feminine so you end up with eine gute Leistung. If however, you want to say the performance was good then endings don't matter. Die Leistung war gut.

If you want to compare one achievement with another then you can say one is better than another. When you use the word 'better' it is called a comparative adjective. Gut changes to besser. It is almost the same as in English. Diese Leistung war besser.

Am besten are the words for best. Who looks best? Wer sieht am besten aus? The words to remember for the comparative adjectives are gut besser und am besten.

Bis bald

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