Sunday, 22 March 2009

Asking for directions

How do you ask for directions? The simplest way it to say wo ist...? and add the name of the place that you are looking for. I can just imagine the title of this blog is a question on 'Just a Minute' on Radio Four. Contestants have to speak for a minute without hesitiation repetition or deviation. I should say ohne Zögern, Wiederholung oder Abweichung. I can also imagine Clement Freud answering with a list. Man kann fragen ‘wo ist die Bank, Der Flughafen, der Hafen, die Post, der Park, das Theater'. Clement never quite manages to last a minute usually because he speaks zu langsam.

In English we ask how do I get there? In German the verb to use is kommen which means to come but also to get to, but you need a word for ‘to’. If you are talking about a city then ‘to’ is nach. Wie komme ich nach Manchester? If you want to get to a place in the city like der Bahnhof then you ask wie komme ich zum Bahnhof?

Bis bald

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