Monday, 16 March 2009

What do I say next?

Let's say that you have been learning German for some time. You have a basic understanding of grammar and you recognise quite a few German words. The next stage to learning German is getting to Germany and meeting some native speakers. So you have made it this far. What do you say? Well the answer is quite easy - exactly what you would say to anyone else. Just because you are speaking to a German doesn't mean that you have to change what you are going to say. It may be that there is a reason why you are speaking to them. Are you at das Oktoberfest in München? You could talk beer.

Wohnen Sie hier? Whatever the answer you could say ‘gefällt es Ihnen hier?’ You can add your specific words to phrases like ‘was denken Sie über..?’ If you are talking to a visitor you could always ask ‘für wie lange sind Sie hier?Sind Sie hier im Urlaub?’ If you are not sure about using any of these sentences the you could always do what the British do - talk about the weather. Schönes Wetter heute!

Bis bald

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