Monday, 9 March 2009

Die Ruhe

Die Ruhe is the calm or the silence and by just saying Ruhe bitte you are asking for silence. You know that if you have an adjective there is no capital letter and Ruhe changes slightly to become ruhig. The adverb is the same as the adjective so hier geht es sehr ruhig zu can be translated as it is very peaceful here.

Up till now you can work out the meaning of sentences with die Ruhe or ruhig, but there is an idiom 'immer mit der Ruhe' which doesn't mean always with calmness but take it easy or don't panic. There is also a word in German die Panik, so for don't panic you could also say nur keine Panik.

Another expression that is difficult to translate is aus der Ruhe bringen, because it is not just about not having rest or silence but it is about making someone nervous. Jetzt hast du mich aus der Ruhe wieder gebracht. Now you have made me nervous again, but you can reply immer mit der Ruhe.

Bis bald

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