Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Weg or weg

I have written about capital letters for nouns. So you know that der Weg is a noun but weg isn't. Among other things der Weg is a path or a way, but weg means away. You often combine weg with a verb wegfliegen to fly away, wegkommen to get away or even to go missing, weggehen to leave or go out are three examples.

If you want to use weg the adverb then you can say geh weg, go away, or Finger weg meaning hands off! You can say weg da, get away from there. There really are a lot of translations for weg, and now you have a good chance of understanding weg if you come across it.

There is also a difference in pronunciation between Weg and weg. Der Weg rhymes with vague, but weg rhymes with leg. This is a simplification because you have to try to make it sound German as you do with all German words. So now you can understand and say a German word. Only a few thousand more words to learn.

Bis bald

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