Friday, 10 April 2009

More post-it notes

I recently mentioned my daughter's post-it notes around the house. They have increased in number. You can't walk past the stairs without realising they are called die Treppe. At the top of the stairs you will find der Treppenabsatz, and all the rooms of the house are labelled. Die Küche, das Esszimmer, das Wohnzimmer, die Toilette, das Schlafzimmer und das Badezimmer are all labelled.

There are also more labels on the furniture. Der Bücherschrank, der Sessel, die Vorhänge now have labels im wohnzimmer. There are notes on die Wand and der Teppich, but she hasn’t managed to put a sticker on die Decke.

It is one thing to know the vocabulary. It gives you the chance to understand a question. However it is also important to put a verb in a sentence. Add a few adjectives, maybe an adverb or two and some conjunctions and you are well on your way to a GCSE.

Bis bald

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