Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Edukators

I have written blogs on German cinema, usually because I have watched a DVD. This blog is about a film called 'The Edukators' as it is currently being shown on film 4. It is always good to hear native speakers. Get out of the film whatever you can. Sometimes a film can be seen purely for enjoyment. If it has a good plot that is prima. However you may be able to see deeper meaning. Let's face it, even The Simpsons has about ten levels of understanding. Sometimes I ask my children what the joke is, and sometimes they ask me.

The Edukators is about two anti-capitalist protestors who break into the houses of the rich and re-arrange their furniture. they also leave notes like 'Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei' und 'Sie haben zu viel Geld'. Notice that they don't use du, but I don't think they use Sie out of respect.

The film is about relationships, it is about ideologies and it has an interesting ending, so stay with it even if it is very late on film 4. I am not giving the ending away if I tell you the final note says 'Manche Menschen ändern sich nie'. It is worth making sure that you know the translation before you watch the film.

Bis bald

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