Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Do you have an opinion?

There are some expressions that can be used in many conversations. You will be asked your opinion and this could be on any subject. You may not have an opinion, and even if you do have an opinion you still might want to keep it to yourself. You might be a private person or you may not have prepared answers in German on this subject. Try to be prepared because if it is an exam you will loose marks and if it is a conversation there is nothing wrong with learning from it.

Your answer could be das ist mir egal which means that doesn’t make any difference to me or I don’t mind or more abruptly I don’t care. To make a stronger point you could say das ist mir völlig egal. Try not to say ich habe keine Ahnung, as it is nice to have some idea about the subject of the conversation.

If you say nicht schlecht then literally it is not bad, but just like in English you could be saying expressing an opinion on quality but you could also be saying that something is good. Did you like learning this? Das ist nicht schlecht!

Agreeing with someone is a nice way to get into a conversation, and the way to do this in German is to say du hast Recht oder Sie haben Recht. Ich bin völlig deiner Meinung. You haven’t said anything on any specific subject but you have spoken quite a lot.

Bis bald

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