Sunday, 12 April 2009

Der beste deutsche Film?

Last week I wrote about the Edukators because it was on Film 4. I have also written about Das Kabarett. I have seen this film a few times but it happened to be a free DVD in a Sunday paper. I have bought some German DVDs including Das Boot (another blog) but this time I will write about Das Leben der Anderen from 2006. The first thing to say is that grammatically we would not say the life of others. We would say lives, and this is how it was translated for an English audience, but at least you have thought about the title even if you haven't seen the film.

It is worth seeing as ‘Das Leben der Anderen’ ist ein erstklassiger Film. It is a film about life in East Germany, in Berlin before the wall came down. It is about the secret police, the Stasi and how they carried out their duties. You can enjoy this film as a story, but you learn German by listening. Even listening to pronunciation of names will help you learn the language. Do you know the German for George? You will if you watch this film. Für mich ist "Das Leben der Anderen" einer der besten deutschen Filme.

Bis bald

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