Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Word order

There are quite a few ways in which word order changes in German. You don't say 'go along the street' but gehen Sie die Straße entlang. There are lots of words that you can guess in German. As we have seen, there are lots of perfect or near cognates. So we have to have something that makes German a bit more difficult to learn. However it is a very logical language. Pronunciation doesn’t change from word to word like it does in English, and once you are used to the word order differences there are consistent rules.

Take for example the modal verbs. They are really useful verbs like ‘to be able’ and ‘to have to’. These verbs are always followed by an infinitive and they send this ‘dependent’ infinitive to the end of the sentence. Die Mörders können gut singen, or ich muß nach Hause gehen.

Bis bald

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