Saturday, 14 February 2009

Welche Fächer studierst du?

There are so many perfect cognates, words that are exactly the same in English and in German. You don't need a dictionary for der Wind ist warm or die Bank ist modern. With school subjects you know der Sport and you will recognise the near cognates die Chemie, die Physik, die Biologie, und die Mathematik.

Even when the word is exactly the same, you still have to learn the pronunciaton. If you say the word 'geography' you will hear a lot of different accents from within the United Kingdom. If you go to Germany you will have to learn the German pronunciation. You will have to learn some school lessons like die Erdkunde which is geography and history is die Geschichte, but you should be able to guess that die Informationstechnik is IT.

If you want to say I am good at... you say ich bin gut in... You can always say nicht gut for the negative version but you have the choice of saying ich bin schlecht in... so now you can answer the question welche Fächer studierst Du?

Bis bald

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