Friday, 13 February 2009

Das Boot

Das Boot is not a German boot but the German for 'the boat'. If you watch the 1981 film called Das Boot you may be disappointed if you are a fan of boats because it is about a submarine - das Unterseeboot oder das U-Boot. It is a film that looks at the boredom and the horrors of war and it is unusual to look at World War II from the German side.

There are some heroics and a lot of intentional boredom in the film but it is worth watching. It has a strong anti-war theme and it tells us about human nature. Purely from a technical point of view it is worth knowing that it took two years to film and actors grew natural beards to fit in with the plot. It was also extremely expensive to film, partly because of the duration of the filming, and partly because of the technical difficulties involved with submarines. they did film different versions and there is even a version in English as all the main actors speak English!

By the way, if you want to say the boots then you say die Stiefel.

Bis bald

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