Thursday, 5 February 2009

Vocabulary is important

Was machst du gern in deiner Freizeit? This is a common question for an exam and a common subject for a conversation. Translation is quite difficult unless you know your vocabulary so a good start is to identify your interests and learn the words that relate to them. I know that there are perfect cognates. Just put on a German accent and they will understand you. However the chances that you can put a sentence together that relate to your hobby are nicht gut.

You can use sentences like Ich interessiere mich für Fußball / Musik / Fotographie / Sport. Pick your word and then follow it with Ich habe am Samstag Fußball gespielt, Ich spiele Gitarre von Zeit zu Zeit, Ich fotografiere am Wochenende, oder Ich spiele Badminton am Donnerstag.
You may win some matches and you may lose some but if you know wir haben eins zu null gewonnen, and you haven't won, you can always lie or say wir haben nicht gewonnen.

Bis bald

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