Friday, 30 January 2009

Masculine nouns

There are some general rules that will help you remember the gender of nouns. You need to know the gender if you want to write 'the' or 'a' before the word. Der die and das are the words for 'the' when talking about the nominative case (see introduction to cases).

If you have a masculine noun you will use der.
Days of the week are all masculine. Der Montag, der Dienstag, usw.
All the calendar months are masculine. Der Januar, der Februar usw.
All the seasons are masculine. Der Frühling, der Sommer, der Herbst und der Winter.
The cardinal points are all masculine.Der Norden, der Süden, der Osten und der Westen.

Nouns that refer to males are usually masculine. Der Mann, der Vater, der Bruder, der Sohn, are all masculine. A child could be masculine or feminine, so you have to learn many words individually. Das Kind is neuter.

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