Sunday, 25 January 2009

Falsche Freunde

There are many German cognates with English, i.e. words that are similar or exactly the same as words in another language. So das Haus is "the house", der Sohn is "the son", and gut is "good". You can see that there are links between the consonants d and t. They are linked by examples like "bed" and Bett. There is an obvious link with c and k when you see or hear the word kalt, and there is that d and t link again. There are many links that give you a clue to translation so have a look for them. However don't be too confident. There are also quite a few falsche Freunde.

Bald means soon not "bald". Der Dom is a whole cathedral, not just a dome if it has one. A common word in German is also. Yes you have guessed correctly, it doesn't mean "also". Was sollen wir also tun means "what shall we do then?"

Why do I like falsche Freunde? They make you think about the words that you are using and so you will remember them.

Bis bald

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