Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Die Konjunktionen

Conjunctions are really quite nice words. They are words that link words or phrases together like and, and but, and because. They are good words to know because they transform your sentences to a higher level. Not only are you saying what has happened but you are saying why, or you are giving an opinion.

There are coordinating conjunctions that link words and phrases like ‘I get out of bed and brush my teeth. He had to wait for the bus, but I could walk home at once. Subordinating conjunctions don’t just link words, they introduce a dependent clause and establish a relationship between the main sentence and the dependent clause. Although he is at school, he doesn’t answer any questions.

In German subordinating conjunctions are called verb-to-enders because (you may have guessed) they "the verb to the end send". A very common verb-to-ender is daß. Ich weiß, daß ich veil zu lernen habe.

Bis bald

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