Sunday, 11 April 2010

Is it a German word?

I returned home yesterday after a couple of days in Cambridge and by driving down I was able to hear 8 CDs by Michel Thomas. When I went to school in the 70s I knew how to conjugate verbs and decline nouns. I wasn't sure how to speak with people but the Michel Thomas course has certainly given me confidence to speak.

However I haven't had many opportunities to speak German recently but I do work with two German speakers. I said to one "man kann jetzt Deutch sprechen?" and she replied "Oh super duper". I didn't know that super or duper were German words but they were said with a very good accent. I went home to look in my dictionary and super-duper translates as superklasse, but there may be (very) small areas in Germany where they say super-duper.

I know what to ask when I see her again. Is it a German word?

Bis bald

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